Cutting for a Cure was established to make what is often perceived as mundane, trivial labor more meaningful and fulfilling.

It would be unusual to live our lives without ever being touched or effected by challenging circumstances that could be improved through research or active advocacy to find a “cure” for these challenges against humanity.

As a person who embraces life’s challenges, I found myself needing to make what I was doing to support my family help others in need and support a trajectory into the future that stimulates positive advances for humanity.

Lawn care is an excellent metaphor for life; With care and attention the tangible results are beautiful, when left neglected and frivolously ignored the result is unpleasant and overcome with invasive harmful organisms that choke out beauty to death.

I experienced this first hand when my father-in-law was battling cancer. He was a person that took pride in his life, which permeated to every aspect of his life and professional career. His property was immaculate. While he was going through treatment, he was unable to provide a high level of care to his natural surroundings, and they responded accordingly. It was a tragic process. The only way I felt that I could help and stay out of the way was to restore the property to its original beauty and hopefully my father in-law would improve with the help of the treatments.

This experienced metaphor led me to the idea of Cutting for a Cure. With the understanding that it is not just cancer that needs to be cured…..it is a multitude of physiological and social ills that require funding that they almost always lack.

If we, as a society, donated just a little bit over a long period of time, we can make a meaningful impact that leaves this world a little bit better than when we found it.

Through our physical labor, we return a fraction of our clients fee to a charity of their choice. Thats it! We do it together. At the end of the season we provide you with a document showing the donation in your name, and you even get a tax deduction! I always find it a challenge to donate when someone approaches me in public or gets me on the phone. I am looking for a way to make change, see the results and make our clients happy with their natural surroundings!

Change starts with me.


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